What is Casino Gaming Software: Notions, Types and Advances

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While the reliability of online casinos is measured by the game diversity, customer support, payment options and overall respect of players, no gambling platform can operate soundly without progressive casino software. Actually, more and more gambling startups tend to ask the following questions: what is gaming software? How can casino software assist in managing gaming operations? What is the best software to choose to better meet players’ needs?

High-level software offers to casino players everything associated with “ultimate gaming experience” – it implies stunning graphics, incomparable gaming content games, etc. For gaming operators, the choice of casino software is a roadmap towards successful monitoring of all gaming activities, which raises productivity of casino staff and turns average users into loyal players.

With the ever-escalating competition in the gambling industry, each casino operator strives to take a greater leap in the superiority of games and services compared to counterparts. Even though all casino software may seem similar, the array of features and technologies increasing players’ loyalty is totally different. This is where most reputable gambling vendors can stand out from the crowd.  However, with over 50 providers offering casino game development services, casino vendors can be spoilt for choice deciding what type of software is best suited to them.

Online casino software reviews

The number of casino software has seen its rise with adoption of new technologies. Gaming operators are interested, along with quality, about convenience, accessibility and flexibility of serving clients. To better meet players’ expectations, various types of casino software are developed for reputable gambling venues on the web. Here we go with our online casino software reviews:

  • Download-based casino software – Download-based, or standalone casino software requires downloading and installation on a player’s computer. Unlike web-based casino platforms, it features ease-of-use and convenience while browsing it immensely without internet connection required. Standalone casino software offers the most enticing, feature-rich and graphics empowered games compared to solutions of web-based and mobile casino software developers.
  • Web-based casino software – Web-based, or flash-based casino software provides access to the gaming platform via an internet browser. The main advance of web-based software is that players can leverage various casino features and perks from any computer with no download version required. Web-based casinos can cater to online users who usually play casino games on the move and anytime they are away from their personal laptops. In comparison to download-based software, web-based casino vendors fall back a bit in functionality and other exclusive features rendered by download-based casino vendors.
  • Mobile casino software – The adoption of mobile software has become a big step forward in making gambling experience convenient and accessible from any mobile device. All that players need is to pull out their smartphones (or tablet PCs) from the pocket and browse a mobile casino, enjoying bonuses, games and engaging casino content in the palm of the hand. Though gambling experience is less impressive due to limited screen resolutions and lack of visual appeal, mobile casino software is the right choice for casino operators that want to extend their service to the mobile landscape.

Pro-active and tech-savvy operators usually offer combined casino platforms integrated with at least two types of the above mentioned software. Take for instance TurboART – GameART’s casino platform – it offers full-fledged gaming and casino management available on desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets. Everything that casino vendors need to monitor players’ activities and provide outstanding gaming experience to players is wrapped up in the flexible and highly customizable platform.

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