Regulated Markets

We choose Malta as one of the best european licensing platforms and regime. We are already certifying and dealing with Italian AAMS and Sogei for VLT and Online approvals. We have successfully implemented PGAD and PGDA protocols required by the Italian regulation.

We are in advanced talks with the Serbian authorities and awaiting the liberalization of licensing. Czech Republic is about to open the bidding for new licenses to be awarded and we are ready to enter this market with a partner who already signed an LOI. We will adopt to our customers market requirements and regulation.

Responsible Gaming

Play for real, play responsibly. To play responsibly is one of our priorities and our gaming platform provides to the operators all the solutions for a secure business. Our philosophy is to ensure legal and responsible gaming according to regulation requirements of the respective regulated markets in which we operate. Our advanced analysis tools, real time monitoring of the player and innovative solutions offered by our gaming platform ensures operators the possibility to control and prevent every problem connected to compulsive playing, access of minors and money recycling.

The GameArt platform includes content protection, auto exclusion instruments, time-out option and instruments for the age verification of the client. All operators receive support and information to ensure that the staff is capable to manage all the functionalities provided by the GameArt gaming platform. Gambling should be entertaining, but we know that a small group of players can become addicted to it. We provide responsible gaming instruments and resources connected to them, auto exclusion instruments, self-assessment surveys and direct contact with specialized associations that help problematic gamblers.

All gaming operators should be monitoring their players to identify every problem or problematic behaviour, to limit compulsive playing and prevent access to the minors. The gaming platform provides a series of limits and limitations connected with betting, session, gaming and deposit limits ( daily, weekly, monthly ).

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