Social Gaming

The future of the online & mobile gaming is the Social Gaming and the most significant positive effects of social games for all businesses are:

  • Brand Awareness

The players interact for hours with the games and with your brand.

  • Engagement and Loyalty

The players feel empathy for the brand.

  • Conversion

The games help to generate quality leads for a profitable database of potential users and customers.

  • Retention

The base of the social games is also Gamification: Points, Badges, Prizes, Leaderboards, Achievements and all the activities that can engage the players.

  • Market research

Analyzing your players and their gaming activities, you can better understand how they think, what they expect, what they do and what they want. The social games are the best systems to understand your players and increase retention and user loyalty.

  • Viral Marketing

When a player is happy to play on a social game, he will for sure share his experience with his friends,  family and co-workers. You create the game and your players will take care of the marketing sharing the gaming experience with the world.

GameArt offers to their clients the opportunity to entry into the social online gaming, providing the best social gaming products that enable the operators to create a new business and revenue, also in the markets where the traditional online gaming is not jet regulated. The GameArt licensees can target all the new markets where the players use the social gaming on the recreational level, and they produce revenues that can be compared with the traditional online gaming operations. Today, the biggest social gaming providers are producing bigger revenues that a good online casino operator.

With social gaming, you can start to produce revenue in any jurisdiction that is not jet regulated for the online gaming. In the future, when they will be regulated, you will be already on the market with millions of potential playing users. What you are waiting for? If you are in social business with extensive customer database, marketing knowledge and well founded we are an ideal partner to deliver top quality content.

Social gaming is one of our tipping points as we have seen an amazing competition in this market segment. We are looking to find the best suitable partner for this venture.

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