GameArt Four Symbols and Chinese Zodiac

Play new slots Four Symbols and Chinese Zodiac, and win a share of 3000 free spins. Your points are collecting during the period of 4 days desktop and mobile channel.

1 € BET = 1 POINT

Compete now and win!


Prize Pool

3000 free spins – 50 players



From 7th to 10th June 2018 (included)



Playing the GameArt game FOUR SYMBOLS and CHINESE ZODIAC



Wagering competition



Place Prize
1st 500 FreeSpins
2nd 300 FreeSpins
3rd 200 FreeSpins
4th 100 FreeSpins
5th 100 FreeSpins
6th 100 FreeSpins
7th 90 FreeSpins
8th 90 FreeSpins
9th 90 FreeSpins
10th – 13th 70 FreeSpins
14th – 17th 60 FreeSpins
18th – 22th 50 FreeSpins
23th – 27th 40 FreeSpins
28th – 32th 30 FreeSpins
33th – 40th 20 FreeSpins
41st – 50th 15 FreeSpins

Terms & Conditions

  • The Promotion “Four Symbols and Chinese Zodiac” is a local promotion open to all Betconstruct operators.
  • The promotion period will begin at 00:01 UTC on Thursday 7th of June and end at 23:59 UTC on Sunday 10th of June 2018.
  • In order to submit to the promotion, player should bet a minimum of 10€ on the games in question;
  • Players will earn 1 point each time they make a real money spin on either the desktop or mobile versions of GameArt’s slots: FOUR SYMBOLS OR CHINESE ZODIAC.
  • The points will be calculated through mobile and desktop play, and accumulated trough both games. 50 players who have wagered the most during the 4 promotion days.
  • In case of a tie, the player with higher number of winning round will gain priority;
  • The winners will be announced at the end of the promotion period with leaderboard displaying first 50 players updated on daily basis;
  • Winning players will be informed via email and accredited until Tuesday 12th June 2018;
  • Each player participating in the mentioned promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of his username for any purpose related to the promotion;
  • Each player participating in the promotion recognizes to have read and accepted this Terms and Conditions.
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