GameArt to launch new Mobile user Interface

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Game play using the mobile device in portrait, is displaying more unique possibilities to enhance the player’s experience and engagement of slots. The new feature is unique and very simple to use. When the player enters the main game, you have many different possibilities to interact with the main game.

The settings option is displayed directly under the game showing the immediate changes that can be selected by the player. The mobile interface is fast, intuitive and user–friendly. Additional engagement features include an interactive play-table that displays the details about the win and bet.  The Winning combination blinks every time the player gets the correct combination. Moreover, the new Mobile User Interface has the GameART Jackpot widget displayed underneath the interactive table showing our four level Jackpots, for further player engagement and player revenue optimisation.

The GameART New Mobile version will be available at the end of March 2018!


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